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Everyone sees art differently, can you make a story about this crazy skeleton guy and his flying eyeball friends? Share your story below.


  1. Jortt

    About Reaper
    The original sketch for this guy started out as a typical grim reaper, skythe in hand, trudging along to eternity. I spent way too long redrawing him to give him a zippier gait, but it came together when I gave him the maracas. His flying eyeball minions came almost naturally when I started filling in the negative space around him. He was still looking a little too grim (pun), so the smiley faces in his eye sockets seemed to lighten the mood a bit.
    – Jortt

    • Lexi Houk

      i see the grim reaper going to a party! heโ€™s bringing all his eye ball friends, he chooses to be around beings that remind of what he misses the most.. his eyes, hence the pretend eye balls in his eye sockets. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Jortt

        How insightful

        • Kurt Crisman

          Skip, skip smile eyes with my eyeball friends
          Skip, skip, skip shaking my maracas

  2. Martha

    This reminds me of the flying monkeys in the wizard of oz


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