Pigs – Four Different Ones

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  1. Jortt

    About Pigs

    Years ago, I did a painting of four colorful pigs on top of each other. I redid it and added some lovebirds on top.

    – Jortt

  2. Agnes

    Sylow looks phallic

  3. Emma

    The Four different pigs were once four very similar pigs. They took walks together and took their meals together, and did everything all four together. But one day, one of the pigs burned the pasta. How do you burn pasta you may ask? No one is really sure, least of all the pigs. But they got in a very large fight about how one could possibly burn pasta. To settle their debate, they decided that the only reasonable thing to do would be to see who could climb the highest in a tree. Does this make sense? No. Did it make sense to the pigs? Not really. Did they do it anyway. Yes, yes they did. The pink pig went first and barely made it off the ground. Next was the purple pig, who made it a few extra feet, but then fell, right on top of the pink pig! As they are pigs without opposable thumbs, they couldn’t manage to get down. But the orange pig was not to be deterred. They started climbing next and made it even farther, but then fell too! Right on the purple pig! He couldn’t get down either, and the yellow pig thought it would be so funny to complete the stack, that he climbed right up and jumped on top! We find our pigs right after they all stopped laughing at their predicament, right as they are realizing they may need some help, but none of them know how to dial 911. Do you think they ever figured it out, or are they still stacked up to this day?

    • Jortt

      Love it.

      – Jortt

  4. kabeatty10@gmail.com

    My best friend, Tammy, collects pigs. She also loves bright colors. I know she would appreciate this print for those reasons. Most of all, the print reminds me of her because she is the most warm, welcoming, and inclusive person. This print, to me, signifies diversity and inclusion with the different colors, different sizes, and different directions. The best part is there is a smile on each pig showing their pleasure with each member of the group.

  5. Annemarie

    Our daughter has 4 pigs in CT and these four colorful pigs brought her to mind because she loves her pigs and the story behind them is just as precious as these colorful ones.

  6. Claudia

    These Pigs look like they like it


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