Eyeball Dude

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  1. John Hartt

    Creation does not happen in a vacuum. Everything we create has it’s roots in something else, some more obvious than others. The concept fo this piece comes from a band back in the seventies/eighties, “The Residents” whose stage costumes included tuxedo-clad eyeballs. I wanted him performng a number and drew from the iconic Michigan J. Frog dance. I had this nearly completed, but needed that one thing that would cause the viewer to scratch his head and say “Whaaat???” After several days of contemplation, the flying hot dogs happened.

    – Jortt

  2. Martha

    Eyeball dude and his candy corn wife run a circus, but this is no ordinary circus. Once you enter the tent, you’ll find it impossible to leave

    • 10 year old Adelyn

      Wowww… that got dark fast

  3. Richena dad

    Hot dogs are an eye sore

  4. 10 year old Adelyn

    He is on a stage making hotdogs!!

  5. Shrunal Pothagoni

    Dr. Buns, MD, Ph.d, visionary

    Dr. Buns was born January 17, 1888. He always has an affinity toward hot dogs, not the sound or the smell of them, but the vision of them…. Back then, all hot dog were made out of wieners. But now, they have moved on to the poodles. Every now and then, Dr. buns marches in his purple converse, performing a special angility ritual around his flying hotdogs, and looks into his magic top hat into the future to predict the next best elite wiener. Only the best meat in town. May we find out the next best wiener of 2035.

    • Kurt Crisman

      I’m an eyeball, short and stout
      Hot dogs hound me all about

  6. Kirsten

    My interpretation of this painting:

    Jack Eyeball always wanted to be a magician. Unfortunately, his father, Alfred Eyeball, always expected his eldest son to take over the family hot dog business. When Jack was a teenager, they fought and fought and fought. “I was born to be a magician,” Jack would say, “not a hot dog salesman!”

    Jack and Alfred had a strained relationship throughout his teenage years, but everything changed when Jack met Sally. Jack was enrolled in a local magic class while in college. There, he met a fellow magician named Sally. Sally took an unorthodox approach to magic. Rather than the simple card tricks and rabbits-in-hats, Sally liked to incorporate out-of-the-box things in her magical acts: live music, fire, sky diving, acrobatics, you name it. Jack and Sally grew closer and closer throughout the magic class they were in, and they eventually found themselves to be close friends. Jack told his predicament to Sally, and she presented him with a simple solution: add some magic to the hot dog business!

    Jack thought on Sally’s idea and realized it just might work. He showed up at his next shift at the hot dog stand with a newfound gusto. He served hot dogs with a magical flair, enchanting customers from all over. Word spread, and the Eyeball family’s hot dog business gained a new reputation as the local hangout. People from far and near came to try the magical hot dogs!

    When Jack eventually took over the family business, he decided to host magic nights every Friday night, featuring out-of-the-box magic tricks and hot dogs galore, with Sally as his co-host. At the end of the first show, as his grand finale, he pulled a diamond ring out of a hat and presented it to Sally. “Sally,” Jack said, “will you make me magically happy and be my wife?”

    Sally said yes, and Alfred was the first to cheer and congratulate the happy couple. The whole family lived a happy, magical life, and the Eyeball family business became a town establishment.

    • Jortt

      How creative, love it.
      – Jortt

  7. Richard Kightlinger

    Eye-cya is from the magical dimension and his specialty is Hotdog Magic. He enjoys bringing hotdogs to the children. However, naughty children do not receive hotdogs.


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