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Everyone sees art differently, what do you think is going on with all these carrots? Share your story below.


  1. John Hartt

    I wanted to do something long and skinny because of the horizontal nature of the canvases and shortly after doing a bunch of carrot sketches I realized I needed more than one figure in the painting.
    Pieces with multiple copies of the same thing are essential for learning. It’s a problem solving thing doing the same thing over and over. For instance, I’m using exterior housepaint which dries very quickly, especially painting in the hot sun. I figured out a technique to get a smooth blend (in the eyes) that I do like to do in my oil paintings.

    – Jortt

  2. Beth

    Who doesn’t love one eyed carrot people?! I mean come on!

  3. Kurt Crisman

    Keep your eye on your magic top hat,
    child, lest you pull out a fierce rabbit,
    whose teeth rips us all to salad shreds


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