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Everyone sees art differently. Does bigfoot and his candy corn friend speak to you?  Share your story below.


  1. John Hartt

    About Bigfoot

    Before Something Wonderful was something anything, my friend Cory drove up my driveway with a piece of plywood and said “John, paint bigfoot on this”.

    This was the beggining of the “Big Idea”. Within a half hour of starting his bigfoot, I knew I was going to paint a bunch of different creatures and have an exhibition somewhere. I jumped head first into this project and it’s been consuming me since last September.

    I felt obligated to paint a bigfoot for this exhibition. Like all my other pieces, it started out with just the main figure. I’ve painted several iterations of  Candy Corn Girl in the past and thought she would be perfect riding the back of our Sasquatch friend.

  2. Zack

    Giles treks on through the endless valley, haunted by the memory of his late son Candycornhead. Nevertheless, Giles treks on.

  3. Kurt

    Cthulhu bigfoot gallivanting
    about, sasquatch Lyft for candy corn
    friend under sunshine dappled branches


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