Balloons Something Wonderful Jortt John Hartt Manassas Harris Pavilion

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  1. John Hartt

    About Balloons

    There are collective names for birds. For example, a murder of crows and a gaggle of geese. I’ve read there are also several words for a group of balloons, a government, an inflation, but my favorite is a festival.

    There’s something about balloons with faces that keeps me coming back to them.¬† I think every color has a different personality and feel I have to give them those¬† personalities through facial expressions.

  2. Louise Sharrocks

    Human diversity. Everyone wants to take off in life! Some happy, some sad or nervous or even scared. Different and similar colors, finding their own way yet still entangled.

  3. Thomas Lee

    This is cool and different and I love it


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