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  1. John Hartt

    About Aliens

    I knew I wanted to do a little green man piece when I first envisioned this project. The original thought was to have a bunch of ’em getting beamed up to thier spaceship like you see in the movies. Once I started drawing it out, I wasn’t sure if they were falling down or floating up, so I just put some gymnastics team uniforms on them to give them a sense of purpose in their movement.

    I originally wanted a dark outer space background, but that would be what most people expect. So I painted this fruit roll-up thing in the background. That’s part of my creative process; is to be cognizant of what I think is to be expected and go in a different direction.

    – Jortt

  2. Gertrude

    On planet balticazion there is only order. For centuries all aliens have ever done is their job. These 4 finally decided to plan an escape

  3. VQ

    Ninja mutant turtles but baby

    • Jortt

      Love it.
      – Jort


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