About Something Wonderful

A community-backed installation showcasing the work of Manassas artist Jortt, who is known for his whimsical and otherworldly creatures, and his inspiring story of reinvention. 

For the installation Something Wonderful, Hartt created a band of wonderful and out of this world creatures parading to strange and exciting destinations.  He’ll create 12-14 eight-foot creatures including Aliens, tiki men, bigfoot,  and robots, all unique characters with different personalities and different stories, celebrating the unique and diverse nature of our community.

Jortt’s vision for the show is to spark curiosity and inspire the community to believe that they too can create something wonderful, no matter how great, how big or how impossible it may seem.

Physically, it’s going to be between twelve and fourteen  8×4 ft pieces of art, cut to the creatures’ 


This exhibition is scheduled to be installed from June through August 2023 on the lawn of the Harris Pavilion in Old Town Manassas