Something Wonderful is Coming to Herndon

John Hartt, the artist known as Jortt, is excited to announce that Something Wonderful will be at Arts Herndon in Herndon, VA from June 8 to September 2, 2024. Something Wonderful is an exhibit designed to promote a sense of community and creativity by embracing diversity. The exhibit will fit in well with the town of Herndon’s progressive nature and desire to support the arts.

The Something Wonderful display consists of a dozen larger than life creatures, each with a different personality and a different story. These creatures, whether alien, robot, tiki man, or something completely different, are designed to celebrate diversity and spark conversation. They are also an ideal background for selfies. With this exhibit, Jortt hopes to inspire community members to believe that they too can create something wonderful, no matter how impossible it may seem.

Each piece in the exhibit has a QR code that directs visitors to an online exhibit where they can share their interpretation of the art. As an artist, Jortt loves to hear people’s stories. Often he finds people’s interpretations of his art more creative than his original concept. Visit HERE to share your story.

John can be found online at on Instagram and Facebook.

Walking the Pets

Come take a stroll around the neighborhood with this swell robot and his pets. Sponsored by Bannerworx.


Mr. Sasquatch is alway there to help folks get to where they need to by. 


Floating around with nowhere to go. Sponsored by the Crossman/Soni family.

Pigs - Four Different Ones

Down on the farm with some old barnyard friends.


I dont know if these guys are going up or coming down.  

Eyeball Dude

A dancing eyeball, flying glizzies. What is going one here?


Come out and join you friendly-neighborhood gardener and jam with his flowers. Sponsored by Daniel Ruin.


Having a groovy time with our potted friends.


Carrots, Carrots everywhere. As far as the eye can see. Sponsored by Whitlock Wealth Management.

Tiki Man

Grooving to the tribal rhythym. This guy still needs a sponsor.

Race Day

Rev up your flying saucer and join these fellas in a Saturday afternoon race. Sponsored by the Don and Alice Crossman.


Mr. Grim is out to cha-cha-cha with his minions. Sponsored by the Delozier Family.

Under the Sea

This is not complete yet.   Sponsored by CJ Finz.


This is not complete yet. What in the world are these crazy pandas up to? Sponsored by Great Eats.